Data Mining for Sales Leads

Taking the Guess Work Out of Lead Generation

The Problem


Sales Rep Productivity - According to Accenture, a sales person can spend up to 15.3% of their time on market research for the purpose of lead generation; this is $60 billion in wages a year spent on sales people looking for new sales leads.  

Sales Quota - Harvard Business Review estimates that 40% of all sales people do not make the assigned sales quota and a major contributing factor in not enough qualified leads. 

Sales Forecasting – Not adopting Opportunity and Forecast major contributor to CRM churn

$60 Billion Spent on Lead Generation

$60 Billion Spent on Lead Generation


Our Solution


Zero to Dataset - Our target is Government data related to regulated industries; Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Construction, Forestry, Automotive and Electric Utilities we build a dataflows to replicate the dataset in our platform.

Dataset to App - Using business and artificial intelligence we wrangle the datasets into Apps that can be used within industry leading CRM’s and BI Applications. We replicate our data sets with the customers CRM and deploy related apps.


App to Action -  The Apps we deploy are designed to enable Sales, Marketing and Service to use the data to improve sales and customer retention.

Our Customers

Our customers are B2B companies that operate sales & marketing operations and want to use Augmented Intelligence (AI) to improve sales person productivity and make Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) to improve sales lead generation.